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About Us


Chris's Studio is at her home in Somerset in the south west of England, set amongst the beautiful countryside to the south of the county. All of the products offered by Jhasper are carefully and lovingly handmade by Chris, to the highest level of craftsmanship using exquisite fabrics. Any fittings and accessories she uses are also of the highest quality.

Chris first started to use her natural creativity to make things for her home and for her children, all of whom are now fully grown and have left home. From toys and teddy bears to clothes and hats, Chris's family have treasured a wonderful selection of lovingly handmade items. Since her children have left home, friends and colleagues have encouraged Chris to continue making things for them, and the interest that this has generated through their friends and colleagues in turn encouraged Chris and her husband Ian to think about starting a business together.

Jhasper Limited was established in September 2006, and the website followed in June 2007. In the meantime Jhasper started to explore the opportunities provided by the various craft fairs and shows in the South West. These have proved a great success and the number of lucky people outside of our own circle of friends that now own a bag made by Chris continues to rise. Our mission is to totally satisfy all of our customers, and to continually improve and increase our portfolio with an ever changing range of exciting high quality handmade products.

Jhasper fully supports fair trade principles.

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