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Customer Comments

for: 2018

June Langdon     13/09/2018
It was lovely to see you at the Cheese Festival again over the weekend at Sturminster, and I am delighted with the latest addition to my collection of your wonderful bags. My new Hannah style bag is just gorgeous. See you there again next year I hope.

Sally Jones     16/08/2018
The carpet bag styles in the Studio Collection all look wonderful, but I think that Christine is my favourite!

Suzanne Hayward     25/07/2018
My favourite is the Millie style, I especially like the idea of having a strap that is adjustable so that I can wear the bag on the shoulder or across the body. But I do love them all really!

Amy Greenbank     27/06/2018
Chrissie, I received my gorgeous new carpet bag yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you. The bag is beautiful and I love it. Your work is amazing and I look forward to ordering from you again.

Sally Redfearn     31/05/2018
Hi Chrissie, it was great to see you at the Sherborne Castle Country Fair on Monday, and all the gorgeous new bags of course. It was lovely that you recognised my bag and remembered me too. I love my Julia carpet bag, it goes everywhere with me. I will treat myself to another one soon I hope.

Jess Gillard     18/05/2018
I love these bags, they are all gorgeous! Such a clever design and yet each one so different. I bought mine a couple of years ago now and treasure it, but I still like to look for the New Arrivals on the website.

Sandra Philpott     12/04/2018
I am so happy with my new carpet bag. I chose the Julia style shoulder bag and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Caroline Riley     26/03/2018
I LOVE IT! You are so clever Chrissie, it is perfect. The lining is gorgeous too. I am so happy with my Hannah carpet bag, thank you so much

Colleen Alexander     21/02/2018
I am absolutely thrilled with the Hannah style shoulder bag I purchased from you recently. It is beautifully made, the attention to detail is exceptional and the design is so clever. I love the way it stays wide open while I am looking for what I need. I wish you every success with your wonderful bags.

Lesley McPherson     10/01/2018
I hope you will be back at the Downton Cuckoo Fair again this year? Some of my friends have seen the bag I bought from you there last year and are so impressed they have said they want to come along and see you themselves!

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