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Customer Comments

for: 2020

Susan Howell     05/09/2020
My new Julia style carpet bag is just gorgeous. Thank you so much.

Lynn Graham     25/08/2020
Such beautiful designs - I have just found your website surfing for handmade bags and I have bookmarked it and will be passing on your details to my friends - and especially my husband!!

Martina Townsend     20/07/2020
These bags look amazing

Janice Arnold     09/06/2020
The designer of these wonderful bags is a genius. They open nice and wide so you can easily find what you are looking for without having to rummage around blindly. And they are all so gorgeous too. I love them all and I cannot wait to be able to come to one of your shows to choose one for myself.

Kelly Thompson     21/05/2020
I just found your website and your wonderful carpet bags browsing the net and trying to cheer myself up today during this lock-down we are all suffering at the moment. What a find! I live in Devon and will be looking out for you at one of the local shows in the future - hopefully none of us will have to wait much longer.

Sandra Kimpton     19/04/2020
I bought one of your wonderful carpet bags at the Mid Devon Show a couple of years ago and I was hoping to come and find you there again this year and treat myself to another one. Maybe I will be able to see you at one of the other shows later in the year though.

Nancy Moon     31/03/2020
Hi Chrissie. I just want to that say your workmanship is beautiful and I will definitely be seeking out a bigger bag from you in the future. And I was just hoping you would be OK with me wanting to share my joy in being the proud new owner of one of your gorgeous carpet bags.

Kaye Howard     25/02/2020
Hi Ian and Chrissie, It was lovely to meet you both. Thank you so much for my bag, it is stunning. I have been using it ever since. I Hope to see you at the shows we talked about too, Kind Regards, Kaye

Amanda Hollins     16/02/2020
By boyfriend bought me one of your wonderful carpet bags for Valentines day and I am made up with it. It is absolutely beautiful and I could not be happier with it. He is so clever!

Sandra Loveridge     06/02/2020
I just wanted to say thank you so much, I am absolutely delighted with the carpet bag I bought from you. Such great service too, superbly packaged and such quick delivery as promised.

Lucy Allender     13/01/2020
My husband bought me one of your gorgeous carpet bags for Christmas and I am absolutely thrilled with it. We saw you at Taunton Flower show last August and I took one of your cards and dropped some hints - and he did the rest. He got it just right, I could not be happier with the one he chose for me.

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