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Tailormade Service

Perhaps you like the fabric but not the style, or like the style but not the handles? Maybe you had something in mind but you can't find anything similar to it amongst our current range? Perhaps you've browsed through our Gallery of Sold Products and were disappointed to find something you really liked was already sold?

We cannot overstate our willingness to offer you something as close to your first choice as we can – without reproducing the 'Original' item of course. We also acknowledge that individual tastes may differ from any items that we have readily available at any given time, and we recognise that our customers may not be able to find exactly what they are looking for amongst our current range of products available. We therefore welcome the opportunity to discuss your own requirements with you, and are pleased to offer our full range of services to help you meet them.

Please contact us to talk about your own ideas or requirements. If we are not available to take your call or respond immediately to your email, we promise that we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.